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Malaysian Airlines Review

This was the first time I flew with M.A in over 12 years. My last experience with Malaysia Airlines was from London to Brisbane. As a kid it's always hard flying, but I remember this flight really well. It has always been a memorable flight to me because it was so enjoyable. I'm currently out in Bali right now, I flew out here with Malaysian Airlines. Again, another wonderful flight with this company!

The aircraft was pretty huge! This was my second time on a double decker plane, I'm gutted I didn't go downstairs to check it out- but I loved the fact in meant passengers were spread across two levels. It meant that it wasn't crazily over crowded at all! In fact it was just business class at the front, and a small chunk of economy situated behind. The first flight to Kuala Lumpur wasn't all that busy which was nice for some passengers to have a spare seat beside them! The flight from London to KL was roughly 13 hours! If you don't know what to do on a flight, check out my recent video for some suggestions.

Malaysian Airlines Review

C O M F O R T 

Blanket, pillow, reclining chair = check!
That's all  I really need for a comfortable flight. What made this flight better though was the amazing head rest that bends to your desire. The lights dimmed out in the evenings which was great. I love it when the plane is dark on a night flight! Walking through business class made me incredibly jealous! The space is unreal. The chairs are wonderfully spread out, which means there was a LOT of room per passenger! I didn't have much time to fully admire the space, but from what I saw- it would be an incredibly pleasurable flight! 


The food was SO tasty! I was so pleased that the crew remembered my veggie dishes.
I had a wonderful stuffed pepper with asian curry and rice. I usually cannot stand airline food, but this looked and smelt wonderful! - The desert was just AMAZING too! It was a chocolate mousse with a butterscotch filling. M.A had a great selection of drinks too, which ranged from juices, soft drinks to local Asian beers such as Leo & Tigers. I kept to my Sprite and iced waters! 

E L E C T R O N I C S 

The aircraft had a USB plug on each persons monitor (YES!!!) - Perfect for keeping those devices up to full battery throughout the flight. I don't know about you guys, but I'm always listening to music via my iPhone on a flight, so this USB charger point was really handy for me! I was also able to edit videos on my macbook on this flight. The food desk can be great to holding the laptop, though, not so great when the person in front wants to lay back! That was a calling to give up work for the night.

C A B I N  C R E W 

Eeeep! Such a friendly cabin crew. It makes such a difference when the flight staff are lovely. This meant they were a lot more approachable in times where I may of needed something. They were quick to respond to peoples needs, and always talked at your level. I cannot stand when certain airline attendants feel as if they can speak down to you! Thank you to the M.A team for making my flight pretty damn enjoyable! So much so I've taken the time to review you guys.

I wish I flew to Asia earlier this year with Malaysia Airlines, they were such an easy airline to fly with in comparison to Air China! Now I know for next time that it'll make a huge difference for paying a little extra for a different airline.

I'll be flying back to London from Bali with Malaysia Airlines again on the 1st of October!
So gutted to be leaving this wonderful Indonesian island, but I'm looking forward to a comforting trip back to the U.K with M.A!

Flying With Malaysian Airlines 2016

Malaysian Airlines Review

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I wrote this review based on my honest opinions. Thanks!


  1. This sounds like a really nice and trustworthy airline to use! I wish Easyjet and monarch planes were like that!

    Isobel x

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  2. Ive heard good things about M.A., i think if im ever flying to that side of the world ill be trying to take them, have an amazing time in Bali girl!

    Dana x | bloglovin'

  3. Wow, id love to go on a plane like that!



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