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Food, glorious food! Whenever I'm visiting some place new, I mostly get excited about food options first! So when I was planning my trip to Ubud, the list started with SO many cafes and restaurants. I didn't get to visit them all unfortunately, but I hope to be back one day to eat a whole lot more! Check out my top picks below!

A L C H E M Y 

Ooooooh boy. What a treat this was to visit Alchemy. Every vegans dream.
In fact, this place was directly opposite the bungalows I was staying in, so it was great to just pop over and be in heaven! I was visiting this place with one image in mind. I wanted to consume my first ever smoothie bowl here. I had seen Lulutrixabelle's snaps of her in Alchemy earlier this year, and it had me at hello. This place is full of trendy / hippy regulars, it attracts the american daily yoga lover that's for sure. In fact I think upstairs there is some sort of class that happens each morning, I could be wrong, I didn't pay too much attention to upstairs. Alchemy also attracts curious hearts like mine when they hear about a bowl full of delicious fresh fruit and a glass bottle full of thick colourful smoothie. I went straight up to the breakfast bar where a lovely lady will guide you through having one of these delicious bowls for yourself. There wasn't many smoothies left to choose from since I had arrived pretty late (about 11:30am) so get in there early for a good selection! Regardless of the amazing colours, I went for the good ol' blueberry flavour, since I didn't really fancy papaya or cashew! I then had multiple choices of fruits and granolas to choose from, I think the bowls include 3/4 toppings in the price, though I went a little OOT and had another one or two on top! (these cost about 5-10k extra by the way, so try to keep count if you're on a budget!). My smoothie bowl filled me up until the late evening! I was so impressed. The meal totalled to a super affordable 67,000- which in £ is just over £3.50-£4. You wouldn't get this kind of meal in this snazzy ass place in London for under a tenner that's for sure! (definitely not on the weather front too!) - P.s it's not just smoothie bowls they do here, there is a crazy awesome vegan menu to choose from, the guacamole and nachos I saw the table next to me digging into looked pretty damn SWEET! - ENJOY!

Alchemy address: 
Jl. Penestanan Kelod No.75, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali



B A L I  B U D A 

As soon as I touched down in Ubud, this is where I found myself at after an hour of wandering.
At first I could only find the bakery- but if you pop down the side of the road you'll find the restaurant tucked away upstairs! It's a gorgeous little layout. The first time I came here, I had the veggie club sandwich, which was filled with GMO free tofu, egg (which I had to remove since it didn't state it on the menu) and tomatoes, lettuce etc! It was served with some tasty hand cut fries, with a delicious dipping sauce (which I didn't actually find out what it was but it was GOOOOD!).  What I loved most about this meal was the fresh bread the sandwich was made up of. It was probably the freshest bread I've ever eaten! The second time I visited was a lot better though! I didn't have the club sandwich this time around, I went for the bean burger. This was served in a toasted plain bun, and the bean burger was layered with pesto to glue the bun together! It was YUMMY. Again, the dish was teamed with the fries and that magical dipping sauce. This was such a filling meal, I ate this around about 1pm for lunch, and was still pretty full the next morning! This burger and the passion fruit juice I had totalled about 80,000- which is about £5-£5.50! Fabulous. The only bad thing I will say about this place is that quite a few of the waitresses are suuuuuper slow and a little lazy at times which put me off of this place. I had to get up and ask the lady if we could order, TWICE! Staff aside, the food is tasty and that's all that should really matter.

Bali Buda Address:
Jalan Jembawan No. 1, Kec. Gianyar, Bali

S E N I M A N  C O F F E E  S T U D I O

I had read great things about this place, and definitely wanted to try there for myself!
I was really hoping I was going to be able to try out some of the amazing Coconut and Vanilla Balinese coffees, since I thought I had saw on the website about Coconut flavoured coffee they brewed... Though the waitress acted as if I was making this kind of coffee up and said they didn't serve that here. That was fine, I then decided to go for the Lemongrass iced tea! It was wonderful. I had only ever tried the Lemongrass tea hot a few weeks back at a plantation we stopped off at, but I much preferred the iced one! The tea come out on this awesome little set up as seen below, yep, a free little short cake too! It was delicious. The wifi is fast too! This is a great spot to refuel for the afternoon. I sat at the coffee bar, where you can watch the baristas in action and kick back on a rocking chair!

Seniman coffee studio address:
Jalan Sriwedari No. 5, Banjar Taman Kelod, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561


Q U E E N S  O F  I N D I A

I saw the Queens Of India in Kuta, and knew there was one in Ubud, so I kept a close eye out for it, and it wasn't hard to miss! It's in the heart of Ubud, in fact you can see the restaurant from the side of the Water Palace. I had such a great meal here! I usually share a lot of Indian food with Jack, so I had to control my portions to a somewhat minimum since I was alone. I ordered the Channa Malloy (basically a Chana masala) it was ever so tasty. It was thick and rich in taste. So filling, and a perfect combo with the naan and samosas I had. The garlic naan was so very delicious too- I don't know what it is about naans, but I just could eat endless amounts of them! For all of this scrumptious food and a drink, it came to a total of 170,000 - which is about £9-10. Pretty pricey for a meal for one in Ubud, but I did have a few dishes, and it was very filling! I had this meal in the afternoon, and didn't eat until the morning!

Queens Of India Address:
Jl. Suweta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Queens Of India, Ubud, Bali

L I T T L E  I N D I A

Now this place, is my absolute FAVOURITE!
I didn't visit this Indian the first time round, since the Queens Of India location is a little more central and convinient! Though, this Indian is personally worth the extra 10 minutes walk! The menu is pretty small, but it including a lovely looking veggie set which I was sold on! The prices are literally half the price of the Queens Of India too- since QOI is a chain and is situated in a more touristy spot, their prices were going to be a little pricier! Though every S.E Asia country I've been too, I've noticed that Indian food is the most priciest cuisine, but this place has definitely been the cheapest yet! It's such an adorable resturaunt, I loved the amount of Indian decorations and fairy lights that filled the rooms. 

For a little under £4 I had: 
Rice, Garlic Naan, A Vegetable Samosa, Aubergine Curry, Vegetable Curry, Chutney & some cucumber Raita. It was all insanely good! In fact, I had another garlic naan to finish off the chutney. I left with a very satisfied stomach. In my eyes, this place is definitely worth the visit!

Warung Little India Address:
Jalan Sukma No. 36, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Sorry about the poor iPhone quality! Left my camera at the home stay.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I love giving you guys my opinions on where to eat, since I just LOVE food so much! Are you planning a trip to Ubud soon? Make sure to visit one of these places! Love love.

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