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Flying Business Class with Swiss Air

Yep. Little ol' CH32 flew business class for the first time this year. Hello Swiss Air.
Pretty mental I know?! I always thought I would be strolling straight through to economy, but no, I got to experience what Business class is like on a short haul flight from Geneva. All be it, it was only over an hour back to London, but damn, what a great hour it was.

Swiss Air, Geneva

Let me start from the arrival at Geneva airport.

Super speedy check in! First in the queue, was all checked in with our luggage swept from us within a few minutes! It was FAB. Flying business class meant we had a crazy good luggage allowance- in fact I could of checked in both of my cases! But I kept my carry on one with me since it had my cameras and laptop in it.

After checking in, me & the rest of the #VisitGeneva crew headed through security in a whizz before visiting the Swiss air business lounge. Oooooh sweet goodness. It was lush. This was only my second time in an airport lounge so I definitely wasn't familiar with it all. It was such a chilled environment though, very calm and peaceful which was great. It had a hot buffet which served some great pasta AND even veggie meat balls- I was so surprised! They were also very tasty. My favourite part though? Had to be the freezer full of delicious sweet treats. I tried 2 tubs of the ice creams! Mango & strawberry- both sent me up to heaven for a few minutes whilst I truly indulged. "Any how- enough about food, what about the surroundings?" I loved the set up. Everyone had a comfortable arm chair to fully chillax in, and there were plenty of them! I loved that the space wasn't over crowded. I could sit in the corner with lots of space around me if I wanted to! There was a great selection of magazines too, and TV's to tune into the latest news. There were a number of charging sockets located every 2 arm chairs too which was fab. All in all, I loved spending time in the business lounge! In fact, I didn't want to leave.

I had to though!! Damn it, Swissy land- I will be back I promise! You are always the hardest country to leave. I had a business flight to experience. Let's go!

Business lounge, Swiss Air, Geneva

Business lounge, Swiss Air, Geneva

Charlotte Hole, UK Travel Blogger

Boarding was a treat for once! Oh I could get used to all of this business flying... I was the first on the air craft and it felt awesome. I actually had time to arrange my essentials for the flight, and not rush to shove my suitcase above my head. I was smiling the whole time. It's crazy the pressure of boarding a flight sometimes, we all can be shoved on at a fast speed in hope we have a bit of room to cram in our cases. Not this time around- I was unbelievably relaxed! It almost felt as if I wasn't even on a plane. So, I was located on row 2- the row was pretty spacious indeed!  My laptop and legs appreciated it a whole lot. Laptops take up a lot of foot space when in economy! especially my 15 inch mac book and external hard drive.

Swiss Airline Seats Business Class

During this one hour flight, I was offered a full on meal!
It looked really tasty, as if it had been prepared in Gordan Ramseys kitchen! Though I was really full from all of the food from the business lounge at the airport, so I had the pleasure of watching the other passengers enjoy their dishes. (Ok... that sounded really creepy, I wasn't literally gawping at them eating!) There was a treat I couldn't say no to though- that was the swiss air chocolate. Hell to the yes. I snacked on many of those bad boys. They were great! I even had a cheeky few to take home with me. Who knew airline chocolate could be that good?! Well, it is Switzerland right!

The highlight of my flight home had to be the views out of the large windows.
Taking off from Geneva airport was beyond stunning. I'm actually tearing up whilst I write this! I'm such a sucker for a beautiful landscape, even more so when flying through the beautiful skies. It was pure magic. Switzerland, you have my heart, fully.

View from the plane. Geneva

Flying Business class for the first time

Sunset at Geneva


  1. Lovely photos.

  2. Oh wow, this looks gorgeous. That view from the aeroplane, I think I'd tear up a bit too if I had to leave that behind! Hopefully flying business class made it a bit easier though :) I got access to Cathay Pacific's lounge and premium economy last month in Hong Kong and I honestly had no idea what to do in the lounge but all the free food and drinks were awesome. And it was such a relaxing way to start the journey home!

    Emma |

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