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This is possibly... my most exciting blog post to write in my whole 5 years of owning this little blog... 
nope, it DEFINITELY is my most exciting post to write. 

At the beginning of last month, me and Max were shooting a very exciting & secret project. 
That project being... this ultra EPIC reveal! 
Say hello to your new 2018 Ray-Ban ambassadors for Sunglasses shop!

Max's Wayfarers | My Ray-Ban Arista RB3447

Last month the shoot took place in my home town, East London. 
This was the first time me and Max worked on a professional working day together, 
I think we're both quite alright at this whole shoot thing actually... I could get on board with a few more days like those! 
Working on set with your favourite love, for a brand you both adore... I mean- I could think of worse days.
I think it's safe to say we both had an absolute banging day shooting some classic Ray-Ban styles, 
as well as some brand spanking new editions that will be hitting online real soon! 
(There are some real gems in there let me tell you!).

There are SO many epic shots from the campaign, which I cannot wait to share with you over the coming months-
 although let's start at the beginning... where we see the journey begins.

What I love about this campaign, is that it tells a story... which explores our passions for love and ADVENTURE! 
As well as our excitement for what life will bring... or what we will bring to life.
 Me and Max thrive off of the unknown, who knows what will lay ahead of us in this crazy life? 
Isn't that the beauty of life... Not knowing what lies ahead?

Each month you will come along for the ride with us and explore more of the journey that lies ahead, I hope you're just as excited as we are. 
Ray-Ban is the king of brand for the authentic individuals, for those who are not afraid to live their lives exactly how they want to. 
In my eyes, I see Ray-Ban more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle! 
For the souls who want to make the most out of this crazy world we live in, by experiencing everything they possibly can whilst living in it.
A lifestyle I definitely feel I can opt into and feel real damn good about it.

Max's Aviator | My Clubmaster

You know what I love about Ray-Ban? They can be the cherry to the outfit you're wearing. 
I absolutely love a good pair of sunglasses, & nothing hits the spot more than completing your look with a banging pair of Ray-Ban's. 
With so many different styles to choose from these days, there will always be a frame that suits you. 
More of a 'can't beat a classic' kinda guy? Max is fully with you on that one- there's something so effortless about the classic frames. 
These timeless styles will even have your 78 year old grandad looking popping. 
On a more serious note- rock your classic frames with the simple outfits to ride the effortless wave a little harder. 
These styles were built to conquer some badass simplicity. 

If you're like me and crave an on-trend look, then you MUST own a pair of ovals in your life! I have these in two colours and I'm obsessed... (still another 3 more colours to bag!). The small trendy mirrored frames are the perfect little pop of colour you need for your oh-so-fashionable outfit. 

Max's RB3561 | My Oval's

Max's RB3561 | My Blaze

This collaboration is absolutely HUGE for us, since we're both such massive lovers of Ray-Ban
We couldn't be more happier to be the ambassadors, and essentially the 'face of' Ray-Ban for Sunglasses Shop.

Want to see more from us? Check out the blog post over on Sunglasses shop.

I hope you can join us for the rest of the year, experiencing this exciting project together.
Peace & love beautiful souls of the universe, carry on being you & living your best life.

This post is sponsored by Ray-Ban & Sunglasses Shop. 



  1. I’m absolutely smitten by my new frames! Maxine Round Metal frames are lightweight and stylish, they feel like I have nothing on my face lol
    :) thank you Glasses CH32,!!


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