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Sunglasses. Everyone owns a pair right?
Whether they be a cheap eBay find which are worn solely for fashion purposes, or a pair of more luxury frames that are worth investing in. 
We love sunglasses, especially in the summer- but they can definitely be worn all year round for different occasions. 

I find there are two types of people when it comes to sunglasses. 
1. Those who consider the type of shades they’re going to wear before they’ve looked at what clothes to put on.
2. Those who shove a random pair of frames in their bag before they leave the house.

So which one are you sis? I’m not gonna lie... I’m definitely both sometimes. It really depends on the occasion for me! If I’m popping to the shop in my casual garms & it’s a ‘no makeup day’ - you bet I’m grabbing a random pair to just cover my eyes, (yep I’ll be that girl in Tescos with her shades still on as I browse the bakery section!). 
I feel that sunglasses have that magical power of making some of the laziest looks look great. 

Though, how do sunglasses make an outfit? 
This is what today’s post is all about folks. 
Strap yourself in & enjoy the ride.


Sunglasses catch the attention of many whilst on the street.
"Ooooh, I love her glasses!" - something I often find myself saying to Max as we walk around London.
There's something almost quite mysterious about sunglasses, I feel it's because we usually cannot see the persons eyes so it leaves us wondering more about them. The frames you wear speak volumes about the person you are. I personally own a LOT of different eyewear options, & sometimes I actually find the style I wear matches with my mood / look.

The frame that relates to my style a lot this week, has to be the Ray-Ban 3447's. 
This Matte Silver frame has been my go-to recently because of the fabulous reflective lens. 
I've been makeup free for most of the week so it's been nice to throw on a pair of sleek frames which attract a fair amount of attention without having to look into my tired eyes.

Curious to know more about what your sunglasses say about you? 
That's a different story all together. Stay tuned for my next post.

Me & Max are both wearing style: RB3547N 


As I mentioned earlier about darting to the shops with a pair of shades on... it's true, Am I right ladies & gents?! There really is a style of sunglasses for every occasion.

Make-up free days: SUNGLASSES.
Sunny days: Obvs. SUNGLASSES. ( though changes 3 times a day to make the most of the UK sunshine)
Hangover days: SUNGLASSES.
'Heartbroken but still have to get on with life' days: SUNGLASSES.
Beach holidays: SUNGLASSES (x20)
City breaks: SUNGLASSES (well, unless it's Berlin in the winter)
Happy 'meet you in the beer garden at 5' days: SUNGLASSES.
'Don't talk to me' days: SUNGLASSES.

Do I need to go on? 

Now tell me you can relate. Sunglasses are more than an accessory, more than protection from UV rays, but they're there for us for every happening (and every state of emotion.)  There are SO many wonderful Ray-Ban styles to choose from on Sunglasses Shop, you'll never have to go without no matter the occasion. 

My favourite style for a city break has to be the Ray-Ban 4380N Light Havana - this style gives me a whole load of flexibility when it comes to styling. I don't like to pack too many frames for a 3 day city break, so having one pair of frames that covers all outfit options is a WINNER. There is no silver or gold framing, that's why I love that they're a pure shade of tortoise- meaning I can whether silver or gold accessories with no worries of matching them with my shades!

I'm wearing style: RB3548N || Max is wearing style: RB2447 


I know I've mentioned a lot about the main reason for wearing sunglasses, to protect and cover our eyes... but there are a few other ways to style them if you're looking to add them to an outfit.

The 'Bang 'em on the top of your head' look: It's a classic.
I've known people to just solely wear sunglasses for this reason. I mean- whatever floats your boat. 
It does always look pretty rocking. They can act as a great headband too, especially on windy days.
Sometimes it's just easier to pop your glasses on top of your head when popping into a shop.

The 'Just hook 'em on your blouse' look: Effective.
Not down for getting your shades caught up in your hair? Not a problem.
Slipping them in between your buttoned shirt, or even off of your jacket pocket works a treat.
This is a great way to add your sunglasses into your outfit when you're not physically wearing them on your face.

The 'No higher than the end of your nose' look: Instagram worthy.
Yep... you know what trend I'm talking about.  My Ray-Ban style 3547N in gold are PERFECT for this.
Most of the teeeeeny weeeny ones on Instagram don't actually have any protection in them, they're just used for fashion purposes- but I wanted both trendy AND protective! I also have the pink version too (actually, and the blue!).

I'm wearing style: RB3548N || Max is wearing style: RB2447 

The one accessory that can either make or break your outfit.

Mismatch your outfit. Have fun with it. Style whatever you like, with, whatever you like.
Fashion is here for us to have fun with. There's days I love to match, and there's definitely more days I love to mis match. The 3578 style from Ray-Ban in Copper Top Blue are the perfect frames to clash any outfit with. Have fun with textures, prints and colours.

Wearing a simple outfit with a statement pair of sunglasses is ALWAYS a winner.
Without a pair of statement shades, an basic outfit can look pretty... basic... on it's own.
Style up a pair of the Ray-Ban 3579N Blaze in shade Demigloss Black for an ultimate look.

All pink outfit? It's a no brainer. Choose the pink shades.
My bold round pink Ray-Ban's (style 3592) have been a perfect choice for some of my festival looks this summer. I've absolutely loved rocking these bold retro frames.

You cannot beat a pair of reflective shades from Ray-Ban.
The next pair of Ray-Ban's that are currently on my wish list are the style 3556N in gold.
How beautiful are these? I love these because they have both silver and gold in them.. so relating back to what I mentioned earlier in the post about jewellery worries- I have ZERO when styling these beauties! Also- the hexagon trend sunglasses has been one of my favourite to date.

I'm wearing style: 3447 in Matte Silver || Max is wearing style: RB21470 in Dark Tortoise


At the end of the day, sunglasses really do give that little bit extra to an outfit.
Little bit? Pffft. They blooming well make an outfit dudes.
P.S no one looks great squinting. 

Get 15% off of Sunglasses Shop 
until the 20th of August 2018 
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***This post has been kindly sponsored by Ray-Ban & Sunglasses Shop!
As you know, me and Max are the 2018 brand ambassadors, & we've been absolutely loving sharing our favourite styles with you all! 
Make sure you head over to our social pages to keep up to date with regular postings. 

Photography by: FORDTOGRAPHY


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